Place the pre-charred cedar planks topped with salmon on the cool portion of the grill for indirect cooking

Cedar Planked Salmon with Prosciutto Wrapped Asaparagus Bundles

Planking is Perfect Grilling on cedar planks adds a delicate smoky and woodsy flavor to anything you cook and it’s the perfect way to keep salmon super moist, juicy and tender throughout.  It’s a fun way to grill too; the smell of smoldering cedar creates a throw-back, outdoorsy feel and the charred planks make for a dramatic presentation every time. […]

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Table Saw Crosscut Sled – Easy to Make & BIG!

Learn how to make a large crosscut sled for the table saw. I use Baltic Birch plywood, Poplar, and Maple in this build. Facebook:… Instagram: Ebay Store: Apparel Sponosor: Mountain Khakis…… About Mountain Khakis Rugged. Authentic. Reliable. Timeless. What started as a casual conversation at the Shady […]

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My Go-To Gas Powered Tools for Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Here are the go-to gas powered tools I use for my lawn and yard maintenance. My advice is to invest in the highest quality tools you can afford, which saves time and money in the long run, and makes working in the yard more enjoyable and productive. Facebook: Instagram:

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Quick Caulking Tips – free caulk contest

Here are some helpful caulking tips using Big Stretch Caulk. Visit and enter Sashco’s #GoBigOrGoBack Challenge to win free caulking and coupons from Sashco! Cut a very small tip opening to start   2) Buy a Dripless Caulk Gun  3)  Add a thin bead of caulk and then smooth with a wet finger and […]

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