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Cheap Plywood – My Experience

Finding quality plywood has become really tough. Here’s my experience when looking for 3/4″ birch plywood for the TV Lift Cabinet project I’m building. Chinese made plywood is terrible quality so I recommend you don’t buy it. Here’s a close-up picture of this 3/4″ Chinese plywood that is awful quality.  Please let me know if […]

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Make and Use Encaustic Color & Medium

Learn how to make and use encaustic paint to create a painting with white and red pigment that’s framed in aluminum. Encaustic is waxed based – made out of beeswax, resin and pigment – and it becomes molten when heated and dries fast so there is a lot you can do with it. My work […]

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Handmade Wooden Chess Set – Rosewood & Maple

I made a four part video series last year on building a chess set. In this video I use the old footage to edit together a short video on the entire project. Tools used in the project: Tablesaw Bandsaw Chopsaw Grinder with a disc sander Belt sander Orbital sander Finish spray lacquer Here’s the complete […]

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Make Guitar Hangers with Solid Black Walnut

I made these guitar hangers out of black walnut.  It’s a pretty simple DIY project easily completed in one weekend. These guitar hangers are designed for my son’s Yamaha acoustic guitars but the measurements could easily be adjusted to fit most guitars simply by changing the width of the back piece. This is one of those projects where it’s good […]

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MDF Molding

MDF – Great for Molding But Not Cabinets

MDF is a great product to use for crown, base molding and chair rail but I would not recommend using it for building a cabinet. MDF does not have the structural strength of plywood and it doesn’t hold screws as well. MDF also works great for padding furniture out but not as the main structural […]

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Wood Rot Repair, Fixing the Barn Door

I noticed some rot at the bottom of the upstairs barn door that needed fixing so I waited until there were at least two dry days in a row in the forecast before starting the project.  Here’s a how to video and description of the project First I dug the rotten wood out of the […]

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Cutting Down A Christmas Tree

We spent last Christmas in Vermont and on Christmas Eve Olivia and I walked across the hayfield towards the third branch of the White River to find a tree. We decided on a Hemlock, which is probably not a prized tree at a tree farm but we thought it was perfect.  

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Make a Custom Ping Pong Paddle & Ball Holder – Design Plans

Here’s a video showing you how to make a ping pong paddle and ball holder.  The backing is made of Teak and Holly plywood and it’s framed in a Cherry and Sapele wood spine frame.  See below for the cut list and design plans. This piece is available for sale on my store at this link: Ping Pong Paddle […]

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The Big Head Painting and Pop Up Show Update

Here’s a quick video update on last Friday’s Pop Up Art Show and a look at a big painting made for a client about 15 years ago.  The painting is an example of “Propaganda Art” and is made on 169 separate panels that came together to make the piece.  The client who purchased this piece […]

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