Two Sundays ago we had an unseasonably warm winter day here in NJ. My sons are all surfers, and my middle son Walter checked the surf report which called for 3 to 5 foot waves with offshore winds making for nice clean “peeling rights.” I laughed and told him we don’t have winter wetsuits so we can’t go in, but we decided to head to the beach to check it out anyway.   It was a beautiful day and the waves were perfect.  While they didn’t get to surf, the boys were  totally content to play around on the beach and take photographs.

I came across a big jetty rock and it reminded me of a painting by my good friend the painter Francis Cunningham.  His painting is of a large boulder on the South East corner of his property in Sheffield, Massachusetts. I’ve always liked the painting and when I look at it I can imagine my friend standing before the huge boulder 20 years younger with paintbrush in hand.

Francis Cunningham's boulder painting that inspired by painting below.  Check out a video I made about Francis.

Francis Cunningham’s boulder painting that inspired my painting. Check out the video I made about the artist.


I took a few photos at the beach that day and used one to make this painting .   Making a painting has a way of etching a moment in your memory.  I’ll never forget that day even though we didn’t go surfing.

Here's my painting from the day on the beach with the boys.

Here’s my painting from the day on the beach with the boys.


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