This week I up-cycled a few old stacking tables that my wife bought at a garage sale. I clean the metal with a wire brush, then prime it with rusty metal primer and spray paint the tables black. The tops are made of Sapele wood and are finished with the Waterlox Marine finishing system since the table will be used outside. The first step is to seal the wood with the Marine Sealer, let it dry for 24 hours and then finish with two coats of the Marine Finish allowing 24 hours dry time between each coat.
Here a links to the two-part  Waterlox Marine finishing system I used.  I used the Satin Finish on this project.
Also, the Rockler Sure-Foot Aluminum Bar Clamps that I used in making the Sapele table tops

  1. Clean the metal tables with a wire brush
  2. Prime with rusty metal primer and spray with black aerosol paint
  3.  Join two piece of Sapele with biscuit joints to make the top
  4. Glue and clamp using Rockler Sure-Foot clamps and clean off excess wood glue
  5. Cross cut tops to size to fit to the stacking tables
  6. Make rabbit joints on the bottom side of each table top to fit into the metal table supports…sand the the tops before finishing and remove all dust
  7. User Waterlox Marine Sealer with a natural hair brush to seal both sides.  Let dry for 24 hours
  8. Finish with 2-3 coats of Waterlox Marine Satin Finish
  9. Secure tops to the metal tables

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