In this video, I build a scale model for a chair rail and paneling project to help illustrate my design to a client and also to help me make a material and cut list.  I will be using Poplar wood for the base board and back band and MDF (medium density fiber) board for the materials that make up the panels. For the center of the panels I will be using 1/8 birch plywood, (but 1/8 inch masonite would work well also.) The moldings are Windsor casing base cap-molding quarter round and shoe molding.  Here’s the video and design plans. 

Products and tools needed for this project: a stud finder, level, a square, chop saw, router, circular saw, table saw, jig saw, pry bar, screwdriver, drill with bits, construction adhesive, tape measure, wood glue, caulk, caulk gun, paintable caulk, panel, baseboards and a nail gun with nails.

Decorative wall paneling, chair rail casing and crown molding can transform any room – and on top of adding that extra flair it is easy and affordable. Paneling can transform a bathroom, family room, office and even a dining room.

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