Miter & Radial Saw Blade

With micrograin carbide teeth to last longer and deliver smoother cuts, this CMT 10-Inch Miter and Radial Saw blade is a must in the workshop.

Combination Blade

This CMT Combination Blade is great for rip and crosscuts. The large gullets allow deep cuts that give effective chip clearance on a variety of wood types.

Finishing Saw Blade

This CMT Finishing Blade is for fine finish crosscuts. This laser-cut plate is designed to reduce noise and vibrations; get glass-smooth finish on your miter cuts.

Looking For Free Custom Plans?

Whether you are interested in building a Brazilian Cherry Knife Holder, a Modern End Table, a Wooden Kitchen Spatula, or simply looking for inspiration for you next next project, just click the button below I would love to give you a Free Set of Custom Woodworking Plans! 

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