To get my lawn ready for spring, I’m using Scott‘s Foundation Soil Improver, which is a new product that’s available exclusively at Ace Hardware.
Scott’s Foundation improves soil quality to make grass grow better and loosens soil compaction, boosts water retention, and improves top lawn growth to roots will grow stronger.
Applying Scott’s Foundation is really simple and all you need is a  spreader.  Unlike fertilizer, you don’t have to worry about exact settings or over applying with your spreader since Foundation can only help your lawn, not harm it so there’s no need to caught up in the application process.

Before adding the Foundation Soil Improver, I had some topsoil delivered to level out some areas of the yard that tend to get scalped by the riding mower.   This large double wheeled wheelbarrow I got at ACE Hardware really helps in move large quantities of soil.

I also used a tow along aerator to open up the soil surface to to let air and moisture flow which promotes better grass root growth.

Once the surface was prepped, I applied the Scott’s Foundation and used the EGO Battery Handheld Leaf Blower to remove any excess material from the spreader that landed on the deck and walkways.

So far, so good on the Scott’s new Foundation Soil Improver…it’s easy apply and is designed to boost the quality of soil.   With some warmer Spring weather in the forecast, I’m looking forward to a great lawn season.

Visit your local Ace Hardware or to learn more about Scott’s Foundation and all of the products used in this project.

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