This is a great way to repair a hole in Sheetrock. When I was taught, we called it a blow out patch but they are also known as an Elephant patch, California patch, Hot patch, Soul patch, Newfie patch, Butterfly patch and just a Patch. All the same thing with one thing in common… a great way to fix a hole in a wall.   Here’s the how to video and a step by step guide:

Rough cut a long piece of sheet rock using a utility blade: snap the rock along the cut line and turn over and cut the paper from behind. The spot I’m patching is a 1 3/4″ square, so I’m leaving 1 1/2″ all around (3″ total), so the piece I’ll be working with is 4″ total. This extra will create the patch as you’ll see below.

Measure to leave a square in the middle of the 4″ piece that is slightly smaller than the 1 3/4″ piece you’re looking to patch.  Use a utility blade to score along the grid lines.  

Break the rock and carefully peel the paper away keeping the face paper in tact all around. You’ll be left with a square patch of sheetrock in the center and paper all around.


Use a utility knife to round the edges of the patch which makes it easier to hide when repaired.

Make sure the patch fits into the repair hole and then wet the paper on the back to help it stick.

Put joint compound around the patch area and on the patch itself.

Smooth out the joint compound around the patch with a joint knife.

Sand the repair area to smooth and you’re ready to paint.


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