I refinish a solid wood desk I made about 17 years ago with dovetails using Bubinga with Rosewood handles. The original finish was Waterlox and I refreshen the finish by giving the desk a light sanding and adding two new coats of Waterlox.   I also installed a wall mounted electric fireplace from Touchstone Home Products, which adds instant ambiance and some really nice warmth to the room.

Check out some of the before and after pictures of the sun room renovation along with links to some of the project videos:

BEFORE: The sunroom had a pickled wood ceiling that I primed and painted with Benjamin Moore White Dove in a semi-gloss finish.

AFTER: The finished room with new paint and window and door casings.


An Encaustic Painting I made which was inspired by the the famous Color Field artists Joseph Albers and Kenneth Noland.

The wall mounted electric fireplace from Touchstone Home Products is easy to install and adds a great look and feel to the room. I also make the tic tac toe painting above the fireplace and the metal roundel painting to the right.

I built this TV Lift cabinet which is the perfect way to hide a TV in rooms with a lot of windows or little wall space. Check out the Whisper II TV Lift System by Touchstone Home Products

Aluminum Cocktail Table with Free Design Plans

Thanks to my project Sponsors:

Learn more about Waterlox at https://waterlox.com/jon-peters

Visit Touchstone Home Products for a full line of electric fireplace and TV Lift mechanisms:  https://www.touchstonehomeproducts.com/

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