Learn how to use peel and stick veneer to make a walnut top for a TV lift cabinet I’m building.  Here’s the video and a step-by-step photo guide….captions are below each photo:

Cut 3/4″ Birch plywood or MDF to the size of your top on the table size to use a substrate or for the veneer

Rip strips of walnut at 1/4″ to band the edge of the cabinet top

Miter the walnut strips and attach to the top using wood glue and 1″ pin nails

Use 3 coats of water based Polyurethane to seal and smooth the surface of the plywood or MDF substrate. The peel and stick veneer needs a smooth dust-free and wood grain-free surface to insure the best bond. Let dry about an hour in between coats and sand the last coat of Poly lightly

Cut the veneer with a razor blade and leave about 1/2″ extra all around…this will be taken off with the router once mounted on the plywood.

Remove the backing from the veneer and carefully lay the top down on the sticky side.

Smooth the veneer down on the top with your hand and use a board with the sharp edge knocked off with a sander and apply force to help remove any imperfections and to get a tight bond. Be careful around the edges that overhang.

Use a flush cut router to clean up excess veneer around the edges and lightly sand to clean up and smooth.

I use Waterlox wipe on varnish with to finish the walnut top




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