Here are some simple tips for painting and finishing wooden furniture, especially painted furniture that will be used outdoors like this dining table I’m making   I use Sapele for the table top and apron because it’s a great wood to use for outdoor projects. I  would most likely use Poplar if the table would be used only indoors, but Poplar is not a good wood to use for outdoor projects.

I use Benjamin Moore Fresh Start as a primer for painted projects.  It’s considered a “high-hiding primer” and is very thick which helps with coverage and protection.  I primed the base twice because this will be an outdoor table and sanded lightly before painting.

For the Paint, I use Benjamin Moore, MoorGlo Soft Gloss Regal Select Exterior in the  Dove White color.  I use this paint on exterior trim and outdoor furniture projects and have had a lot of luck. 

I use Wisecoat by DeckWise to finish the Sapele Top, which is a water-soluble finishing product that’s ideal for Sapele, Ipe, Teak, and other hard outdoor woods.  I let the Wisecoat dry for a day, gave it a light sanding and then finished it with a coat of Ipe Oil from Deckwise to give it a nice natural finish.


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