Here’s a video talking about some of my more recent outdoor furniture projects and the primer, paint and some of the outdoor finishing products I use, along with some helpful tips to seal and protect the finish on painted outdoor furniture.      Here are some of the products I use on most painted outdoor furniture and finished tops.  I use Benjamin Moore paint and primer because my local hardware store is a dealer,  but you can use other brands and similar products.

I use two coats of Benjamin Moore FRESH START latex acrylic primer to start on most painted projects. Sand in between coats and you can use 3 coats around the legs and other areas that will have the most contact with the ground or the elements.

After priming, I use two coats of Benjamin Moore MoorGlo exterior paint and sand between coat. Again, you can add an extra coat around the legs.

McCloskey Man O’ War Marine Spar Varnish is a great outdoor varnish to use on tops over your favorite stain, but it does have a very potent smell so be sure to apply it outside. For stains, I like oil-based finishes from Minwax and also finishing products from Waterlox.  Here are the full length videos of the projects featured:

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