Here’s an update video on some upcoming events and sponsored furniture projects that I have lined up over the next few months.

I’ll be starting with a room renovation project where I’ll be removing old trim and making and replacing it with new trim and painting the entire room…this should allow for some good how-to window trim videos.

Next I’ll be making a queen sized storage bed with drawers.  The bed-build project will be sponsored by Garnica Plywood who makes high quality plywood imported from sustainable tree farms in Spain. I’ve worked with Garnica plywood in the past and they make a great product.   I’ll also be working with the American-made mattress company Bedmasters who makes high quality mattresses at great prices from their factory in Florida where they’ve been operating for over 20 years.      Here’s  a link a video showing the spring making process that goes into Bedmasters’ mattresses.

After the bed build project, I’ll be building an end-of-bed  TV lift cabinet.  This project will be sponsored by Touchstone Home Products and I’ll be using their WhisperLift mechanism which is a really quiet and well-manufactured lift system.

Join me at the Woodworking Show in Somerset, NJ on Friday, February 17th.  Hope to see you there!

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