When making classic wainscot chair rail, there are two router bits that I use almost every time.  The first is a small chamfer bit and the the other is a small roundover bit.  I’ve used these two bits for the last 10 or 15 years to make what I consider a classic chair rail bead board or wainscot design.  In this video, I explain how I make the moldings using standard 1″ x  material available at your local lumberyard or home store.

Here are the two router bits I use for this molding design:

A close up of the finished molding with the Roundover Bit (left), and Chamfer Bit (right)

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Some before and after pictures of the Vermont kitchen I remodeled about 10 years ago using this classic molding design.



After – The updated kitchen with cabinets and countertops I built

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