I make a steel welding table with a wooden base to sit on top of my outdoor welding storage cabinet.  I finish the steel surface with a beeswax finish that will help with rust protection and will also allow for the ground needed to weld. Here’s the how-to video and project photos:

To make the steel top, I use the torch to cut the old angle iron legs from this piece of 1/4″ scrap steel.  I then use the 6″ grinder and wire wheel to smooth and clean the surface. table-cutting-legs

Making the frame for the steel top to sit on using 2 X 4’s and 3″ deck screws.table-making-base

Burn in the beeswax finish to prevent rust and to create a clean welding surface for working outside.  The thin beeswsax will still allow for the ground needed to weld. table-burning-in

Here’s my old Lincoln stick welder that stays outside in the welding storage cabinet. table-lincoln-stick-welder

Welding on the new steel table…it’s nice to have the outdoor welding pad set up. table-welding





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