Learn how to make cove molding using a router. I’m adding the molding to a double-sided cabinet made of Sapele and I show you how to trim the inside of the flat panel sides of the cabinet with the cove molding.

  1. Start with a 1″ x 6″ x 8′ piece of Sapele to make the molding and clamp to the work bench.  Adjust the depth of the router to about half the distance of the final 3/8″ cut and make two passes on the Sapele board with the router.  This will decrease the risk of tear-out and insure a smooth finish on the molding.   Make cuts on both sides of the Sapele board.  
  2.  Once the router cuts are made, adjust the fence on the table saw and mark a line of the table saw insert as a guide…the edge of the molding will be on the pencil line.  Use the-off cut for ripping the molding strips on the table saw…it’s a lot safer.   Turn the table saw off, adjust the fence and cut the molding from the other side of the board aligning the edge of the molding with the pencil line.
  3. Use a sacrificial fence to help make clean miter cuts on the molding.  4. Use wood glue and a pin nailer to secure the molding to the inside of the flat panels. 

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