I made these guitar hangers out of black walnut.  It’s a pretty simple DIY project easily completed in one weekend. These guitar hangers are designed for my son’s Yamaha acoustic guitars but the measurements could easily be adjusted to fit most guitars simply by changing the width of the back piece. This is one of those projects where it’s good to have the guitar in the shop while you’re making the hanger just for a test fit.


Click Here To Download the Plans as a PDF

Design Plan & Cut List

Tools & Materials:
Belt sander
Walnut dowel for plugs
Five minute Epoxy
TiteBond  wood glue

For the finish: 
Minwax Wipe on Poly – three coats
I rubbed the finish out with 40 steel wool and furniture polish made by Linn at the Darbin Orvar channelIMG_7650

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