Here’s the recipe and how to instructions to make grass grow fast and fix bald spots in your lawn. It’s been working great in my yard and the key is to let the seeds germinate in the saw dust or peat moss and to keep watering until the grass takes hold.  I use the fine saw dust from the table saw as the base.

  1.  Add saw dust or a bag of peat moss to a wheelbarrow
  2. Add 3 lbs of grass seed
  3. Mix with a shovel and water heavily to soak
  4. Cover with a tarp and let germinate for 5-7 days
  5. Mix 3 shovels of germinated grass seed/saw dust mixture with 1/2 wheelbarrow of top soil
  6. Spread over the bald spots in the lawn and water regularly
  7. Fertilize after one week and keep watering


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