Learn how to make this rustic bench with a burnt wood and antiqued finish built using  mortise and tenons and a combination of woods I had around the shop including Red Oak and White Oak and Hickory for the top.  The bench is extremely sturdy thanks to the joinery and the finish turned out great.  I  used two tones of green paint applying  three coats total and sanding in between coats to create the antiqued finish and used the Bernzomatic TS 8000 hand torch to create the burnt wood effect. To finish, I sprayed the bench with three coats of Finisher’s Choice Lacquer by Mohawk Finishing Products.

Thanks to Bernzomatic for sponsoring this project: https://www.bernzomatic.com/

Here’s the how to video:

Click Here to Download the Design Plans as a PDF


Once the bench was assembled and sanded I created the antiqued finish by using two different tones of green paint and three coats total.  I started with a  darker  green/grey color, sanded, then used a lighter green color sanding again and finished with a final coat of dark  green/grey paint and sanded through all coats to create the rustic look.  

The TS 8000 hand torch by Bernzomatic worked great for creating the burnt wood finish on the Hickory top. 

The finished bench

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