This is an easy and satisfying project that uses just a few tools to bring a set of outdoor furniture back to life.



All the products used in this project can be found at your local ACE Hardware store or online at  at

Tools Needed:

The first step is to use a wire brush to remove the loose paint and rust from the metal furniture.

Then, wash all the furniture with a stiff brush, dish soap and a hose to remove any dust or grease.  I really like the Teknor Apex zero-G Hose.

Once the furniture is dry, I spot prime the furniture using Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Interior and Exterior Primer.

With everything prepped, primed and dry, I spray the furniture with Rust-Oleum Professional Black Gloss Enamel allowing 30 minutes of dry time in between coats as needed.  Allow the furniture to dry overnight before using just to be safe.  


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