Learn how to make a Zero Clearance Insert for the table saw which is an important safety precaution when cutting on the table saw.  The first step is to remove the insert that comes with the saw and use it as a template for making new inserts. I do use the factory insert when cutting angles on the table saw.  I like 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood for making the inserts because it has multiple veneers and practically no voids.

Step 1:   Measure the width of the factory installed insert and rip the 1/2″ plywood to width. In this case, it’s 4″ wide.

Step 2:  Measure for the depth of the tabs that hold the factory insert (about 7/16″) and mill the new plywood insert if needed to sit flush.  The Baltic Birch plywood is close to 7/16″ so I used the drum sander to take off a bit of material so it sits flush.

Step 3:   Use the factory insert as a template to trace and cut the round over using the band saw. Sand to a smooth finish.

Step 4:  Use two sided tape on the tabs to raise the insert slightly to allow for the blade to spin freely. Cut through the insert with the blade.

Step 5:  I painted the insert red to remind me that this was the ‘danger zone’ when cutting.  Run through the drum sander to get a completely flush fit.

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