1. The first step in getting clean crosscuts with a circular saw is to make a useful and easy to make crosscut saw  jig that I designed.  Click here for a link to the how-to video on making the jig.
  2. Once the circular saw jig is made, it’s important to have a sharp blade.  I use a carbide blade with 40 teeth which is perfect for fine cuts and cutting across the grain.
  3. The next step is to be sure to support your off-cut so the board you’re cutting doesn’t split.  I use a 1/4″ piece of plywood underneath the board I’m cutting to support the off-cut.
  4.  Be sure to adjust the blade and the depth of you cut so you’re cutting through the board but not through the 1/4″ plywood support piece.
  5. The final step is to clamp the jig in place and make your crosscut.

Here’s the how-to video:

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