I show you how to use a pre-drilled and countersink bit to help drive screws at an angle. I’m re-using the original barn doors for my shed and the door needs to be trimmed to fit. I trim 8 inches off the bottom of the door and remove the bottom rail. I then trim a 2″ x 6″ down to 5 inches to replace the old rail at the bottom of the door and use the countersink bit to drive screws at an angle. Here’s the how-to video and there are some additional photos and how-to tips below:

To drive the screw at an angle, start by using a drill bit held at a 90 degree angle.  Drill down slowly into the 2 x 6 to get the hole started.

Then, tilt the bit horizontally, and come right through the center of the board.

Use your impact driver or screw gun to drive the screws at an angle.

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