I built this double sided cabinet with the Sideline Electric Fireplace from Touchstone Home Products on one side and a bookcase on the other side.  The project is broken down into four separate parts starting with building the cabinet, building the bookcase, making the top and finally installing the fireplace.  I build and finish each piece separately before assembling the complete cabinet.  Here’s the how-to video with additional project photos.


The first step in the project is to make all of the face frames. I’m using pocket hole screws to assemble the face frames.


Run the legs through the drum sander to remove any blade makes and sand down to an exact 1 3/4″ square.


I build the bookcase separately and sand and finish it before installing in the cabinet.


Use the router to make a small chamfer on the bottom of the legs. The chamfer looks nice and also helps reduce splintering and chipping when moving the cabinet around.


Use the router and cove bit to cut a profile into the bottom of the Sapele top. Remove the material in two separate passes to reduce tear out and to get a clean cut.


As a finish, I use Mohawk Wiping Wood™ Stain in Medium Brown Walnut and Mohawk Finisher’s Choice™ Clear Lacquer.


The final step is to install the fireplace into the cabinet. I chose the Sideline 50″ electric fireplace from Touchstone Home Products which is easy to install and is a safe and smokeless alternative to a wood burning fireplace.


The finished fireplace cabinet in the art studio.

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