My uncle Tom gave me a nice hunk of black walnut awhile back so I decided to carve a modern bowl out of it to create a sculptural-type piece.   I started with the chainsaw to roughly shape the bowl and then moveed on to the  Arbortech power carving tool to fine tune the shape of the bowl.   It was definitely a lot ton of hand sanding from there  to smooth the surfaces but it’s worth the time and effort.   Once shaped and sanded  I fill any cracks and imperfections with a wood fill blend I made using walnut saw dust, charcoal and epoxy to make the fill nice and dark to match the walnut.  I gave the piece a final sanding  and used Waterlox to finish the piece. I’ve been using Waterlox for over 30 years and it’s my favorite product for fine wood finishes.  Enjoy the video:


Cutting the walnut in half with an electrical chainsaw

Learn more about Waterlox at

The bowl is now in my sunroom on top of the Modern Cabinet or Server that I built.  Here’s a link to that video project 

There  are free plans on the webiste for the Modern Server project at this link:… Woodworker Brian Benham

The finished piece on the Modern  Server 

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