I talk about some of the basics of cabinet making in this video along with the tools and supplies you’ll need to make a project go smoothly.  The first thing I like to do is to make a full-sized drawing of the cabinet or piece of furniture I’m building which allows me to check all measurements before I start cutting any wood…it also helps formalize the design of the piece.

Once you have a design model nailed down, you can start creating a parts list or “cut list” before you go to buy your materials.   Breaking down the plywood is a big task, especially if you’ll be using several sheets like I’m doing for this queen sized storage bed project.   To help, I like to draw a scale model to show me how to get my individual parts from a 4 ‘ x 8’ sheet of plywood…this helps to minimize waste.

Diagram of how the plywood sheet will be broken down to create the project parts

I finish this video with a discussion of plywood and a walk in the woods at Huber Woods Park in NJ to show you some of the Poplar trees we have growing close to home.

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Breaking down the full 4’x8′ plywood sheet on the table saw

A nice Poplar tree from NJ. Poplar makes up the core in most high-quality plywood.

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