Learn how to burn in a beeswax finish on a steel table using a hand torch. The steel work table will be used outside and the beeswax finish acts as a nice rust-inhibitor and it looks really nice.  I use the Bernzomatic TS 8000 torch for this project.  Here’s the YouTube video and some additional project photos and how-to descriptions

Getting the tools ready: Use the wire wheel to remove the rust and loose dirt  from the steel surface.  Bee sure to have outdoor work gloves plus eye and ear protection and a good dust mask.  Cleaning up the table is messy but the prep time is pretty quick.   The hand torch and solid beeswax that will become the finish  is shown here with some other pieces of scrap metal that I’ll use in other welding projects. torch-tools 

I use a collapsable table to create a comfortable work surface for cleaning and finishing the table. torch-work-table

Once the surface is clean, I heat the solid beeswax to 180-200 degrees and use a throwaway brush to apply the melted beeswax and the torch to burn in the finish.  I use the Bernzomatic TS 8000 torch for this project. 


Use the torch to push the beeswax into all of the tight areas of the table and to keep it loose as you brush it in. The beeswax finish adds a nice rust-proof finish and a clean work surface.


This is a sponsored post. I am a Bernzomatic Torch Bearer, though all opinions expressed are my own.  


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