Learn how to build a small outdoor cabinet and  storage shed.  The cabinet I’m making will store my welding tanks but it’s the ideal size as an outdoor  tool shed.  Check out the video and project photos below to help with your build. 

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1. I’m building the legs by laminating Douglas Fir 2 x 4’s together


2.  I  use the Joiner and the Tablesaw to square up the legs2
3.  I use the Miter Saw to add a slight taper at the bottom of the legs3

4.  I built this cabinet with pocket holes using this old pneumatic Kreg Jig that I bought almost 25 years ago…I don’t think they make it anymore.4

5.  A small Chamfer at the bottom of the legs will keep the wood from tearing out when the cabinet is moved5

6.  Since the cabinet will be outside, I used weather resistant pocket hole screws6

7. I used 1″ x 6″ cedar for the outside of the cabinet. The cedar matches the outdoor kitchen cabinet I build in the same area.7

8. I used Ipe wood on the floor of the cabinet because I felt cedar would be too soft and dent easily.  Ipe is a very dense wood and is perfect for outdoor use.8

9.  I used the router to put a slight Chamfer on the edges of the 1″ X 6″cedar.9

10.  I used oak for the frame and cross bracing.  In this image, I’m attaching a 2 1/2″ wide piece of oak to the leg with a 3 1/2″ deck screw.10

11.  I cut a 10 degree angle on the door before attaching the bracing, being sure to  hold the long point of the angle flush with the outside of the door.11

12.  Here,  I’m using a self-centering drill bit to pre-drill the holes for the screws.12


13.  I used Ipe on the door pull and latch to match the outdoor kitchen cabinets.13

14. For the roof, I used aluminum and attached the aluminum with stainless steel screws14

15.  I had a few treated 2 x 4’s on the side of the barn and used them for the framing of the deck where the cabinet would sit15

16. I used Ipe for the decking and attached the decking with stainless steel screws.16

17. The storage cabinet is done and it’s nice to finally fire up the torch… the first time in about a decade!17
The first piece of steel I cut…just like riding a bike


Check out www.THDcard.com/Jon for your project needs 


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