Here are the free design plans and material list along with with the complete how-to video series for my popular Blanket Chest / Toy Chest project from 2014.  It’s really nice to see that so many people have built their version of this project over the years and the chest is a great woodworking project that can be customized in a number of ways.

Click Here To Download the Complete Design Plans

Part 1:  Making the Blanket Chest Box

Part 2:  Making The Top

Part 3:   Painting & Finishing The Blanket Chest

Part 4:   Q&A on The Blanket Chest & How To Draw A Straight Freehand Pencil Line


Here are just a few of your blanket chest and toy chest submissions…..keep up the great work and send your project photos to

I have found your videos very inspirational and the first thing I do when I open the YouTube page is looking for your new posts.  Here is my contribution – blanket chest based on your design… love watching your videos focusing on framing and arts too – Milan 

  Jon finally finished the blanket chest turned out great, thanks for the idea. – Mike V.

Jon an old blanket chest I put together some 19 years ago and never put a finish on. This is when my skills were new. Saw the one you built and decided to make a change.

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