In this video, I take an end of season look at the beehives with professional beekeepers Ed and Mary from E&M Gold Beekeepers and get the hives ready for winter.   I also review the fall vegetable garden that we planted with the help of the Park Seed Company and discuss plans for the outdoor area for next year.   We’ve been harvesting from the garden throughout the fall and the elevated beds are a great way to go.  Here’s the video and some additional photos. 

Ed is adding 5 lb. sugar blocks to the Langstroth hives to help keep the bees fed throughout the winter.




Using blue Painter’s Tape to seal the hives for the winter. This helps because the bees don’t make Propolis in the winter, which is the resinous mixture that honey bees make to seal and protect the hive.


The goal is to build an expanded garden area in the spring with additional elevated planters to tie in the beehives, garden and the outdoor kitchen areas.
















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