I show you how to stretch a canvas over a stretcher I made using the  pneumatic staple gun which came as part of the PORTER-CABLE 3-Tool Combo Kit I recently purchased. The canvas I use is 12 ounce raw cotton duck canvas, and it has some nice weight to it, so the pneumatic gun from Porter Cable works really well vs. a traditional stapler and it really saves your hands.   Here’s the how to video:

I cut the canvas to size leaving about 3 – 4 inches on all sides to give enough to room to stretch the canvas and and staple it to the stretcher.

Place the stretcher face down on the canvas, and start stretching the canvas by going center to center on all four sides putting staples in the middle and then working toward the edges.  Use canvas pliers to pull the canvas tight and add staples around the entire stretch every one to one and half inches. 

Making an “invisible corner” is a nice way to finish the edges of the stretch canvas.

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