Check out this big cluster of mushrooms growing at the bottom of the stairs by Jon’s barn.  We’d love your help in identifying them to make sure they are the prized “maitake” mushrooms or “Hen of the Woods” that we think they are.  We’re found and eaten them before with the help of a “mushroom expert” and they are some of the meatiest and tastiest mushrooms we’ve ever had…we’ll be cooking them up once we’re 100% sure on the ID.  IMG_2120

This big group of mushrooms is growing around the stump of an old maple tree and all the research we’ve done indicates that these are in the maitake family which are all edible. Here’s a link to a good article we found about these mushrooms on the website Forager|Chef.

Here are a few more pictures and please share your input on the mushrooms.  Thanks – Peder Hagberg, Editor


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