Hi Jon!

First of all thank you for sharing your great work, great videos, advice, and inspiration.
I saw your video about your bookcase build, and loved the look of it immediately. My daughter had long wished/wanted a new bookcase, so I decided to get started with it just after new year.

Took me a bit longer than in your case, about 50 hours I estimate.

Searched for a long time for good plywood, and here in Sweden, its very difficult to find 3/4 inch plywood, but I found a place, but it was like 1500 SEK, appr 175 $ for a single sheet.

As I wanted to make the bookcase a bit shorter, (it is 150 cm = 59’’), I decided to go with half inch plywood instead. And it came out alright. These sheets came at 400 SEK, =( 47 $), so it was more manageable in price. But I support your thought about plywood, its very difficult and time consuming to find decent plywood. But except for the lacking thickness, this was good plywood to work with.

The top is walnut, as I had this lying in my garage for another project.

For the top and base trim, I used Danish oil instead of lacquer.

My daughter was very happy when she saw the finished piece today in her room. This was good “payment” for an amateur woodworker.

I learned a lot working with this project, for example, my cheap table saw is not good enough, as I had a lot of problems getting the base straight and level. Next time I will buy S4S wood for this kind of work and not prepare long stock myself. Or buy a good tablesaw! Also, I don’t have a jointer, and only a very cheap and lousy planer which I used to plane the rough walnut lumber. I also reconfirmed to myself, that it IS possible to make something like this, even though you don’t have a complete set of expensive tools, if you really try and work a bit harder.

Thanks again, looking forward for your next video.

Best regards, Jesper Mikkelsen, in Malmoe, Sweden. 🙂

Photos from different stages of the work, didnt include any from the boring sanding…! 😉

PS:  Thought that these cutout pictures might be of help for “metric viewers” who wants to build the bookcase.
It is cut lists for the plywood only.   Be aware though, that this is my 150 cm long bookcase. If you want to make it according to Jon Peters’, please add appr 264 mm to the 1476 mm.  Jon Peters’ cut list says 68,5 inches, so cut appr 1740 mm sheets instead, if you want the full size!
bookcase_150cm_metric_cutout_sheet1 bookcase_150cm_metric_cutout_sheet2