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Blanket Chest by Joe W.

So here’s a few blanket chests/hope chests/toy box..everyone has a different name for it.but i got inspired to build one after watching your how-to build a hope chest video.  The way you build chests is awesome. I haven’t figured out how to add the feet/short legs to them with out it looking funny or weird but one of these times i will. thanks for all you do jon keep doing what you do. Joe w.  A.k.a on youtube – joe...

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Blanket Chest by Ian Gerrior

Jon, here is a blanket chest that I made for my new godson. What a great gift. I’m working on a bookcase to match. I’ll shoot that one to you when I’m done.  Thanks for the inspiration! -Ian in...

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TV Lift Cabinet /Blanket Chest by Eric MacMillen

Hi Jon!  Thanks for posting your videos. I wouldn’t have been able to do this project without them.  I found your website when I started searching for TV lifts.  After watching your TV lift video, I started checking all your videos out.   I really liked the blanket chest you built.  I decided to change the dimensions to fit a 50 in. television.  Because my cabinet was pretty tall already, I shortened the legs by 2 inches. I made a change in the lid that I’m sure you noticed.  Basically, I still built the edge banding and routed a profile...

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Blanket Chest by Jan Vandruten

Hi Jon, Thanks for all your inspiration.  I made a toy chest for my grandson based on the idea of your blanket chest.  I am living in Tuscany so of course in the colors of the landscape here in Italy. The hinges have extra leather protection in fact a brake because boys can be cruel and handles for easy transport. Ciao! – Jan...

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Toy Chest by Rob Chittom

I had seen Jon build this blanket chest, so I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my niece for her first Christmas. This was my first big project, and I appreciate all of the help Jon gave in his...

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